Food Matters can help you could say YES to this... 

          • YES to providing your body with the best quality food available
          • YES to taking charge of your own health
          • YES to proper nutrition of all your meals and snacks
          • YES to advancing your overall health and metabolism

and NO to this...

          • NO grocery shopping
          • NO cooking
          • NO clean up
          • NO having to think about what to eat or how to balance it


CLICK HERE March 22nd Menu

CLICK HERE March 22 Order Form (Due by 3/20 at Noon) 

ALL Food Matters meals are...

          • Made with high quality beef, all natural chicken, pork, fruits and vegetables
          • Free of any gliadin/gluten including wheat, rye, barley or oat
          • Free of dairy, egg, rice, potato, soy, and corn
          • Properly balanced by a licensed dietitian and a physician to provide your body with the optimal amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats
          • Packaged fresh on the day of pickup 

Simply select the number of meals you would like to order. Return the information via phone, fax, or email. Or, stop by our office to place your order.

  • Office  870-935-0700
  • Fax  870-935-0706   
  • Email  healthmattersclinic@gmail.com 
  • Address  1107 E. Matthews, Ste 103, Jonesboro AR

    This is not a diet but a guideline. Food Matters is about providing high quality food and the proper balance of macro-nutrients in every meal.